- three-layer two-tone recycled compact pe panel shapes with the appearance of a dragon sp. 19 mm;
- ladder h 84 cm with non-slip steps in extruded anodized aluminum with L-shaped section. Minimum aluminum thickness 1.7 m, knurling on the side subject to trampling, section 110x98mm;
- 84 cm high slide in rotational molded recyclable polyethylene with longitudinal raised lines to facilitate sliding and stiffen the slide itself
- triple-layer two-tone recycled compact pe panel th. 19 mm shaped safety for slide entry
- galvanized bolts kit for assembly in plastic caps
The anti-shock rubber is not necessary if the slide is laid on a lawn
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xfa15 pe


length: 254

width: 70

age of use: 2-8

security area: 503x371

platform height: 84

safety matting: 18



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