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For 40 years now, our company produces structures for playgrounds and open spaces, our experience, together with the quality offered by our products and the professionalism of our staff, allowed us to constantly increase our share in the reference market, up to the point that we are now one of Italy's leading producers. 
Our clients and market competitors keep in high esteem our company, a respectability which we are recognized with, further than the consideration for the quality and the durability of our products, because of our reliability and accuracy towards our commitments and of our pre- and after sales support services. The care, spent during every single step in the manufacturing of our products, starts right when raw materials are selected, for us, environmental protection is a key factor leading us in selecting wood as well as plastic materials. Their life cycle - from production to recycling - and their environmental impact define our choices. 
Our corporate mission remains, in any case, meeting any requirement arising from play activities, amusement and psycho-motor development of our users, we therefore spend the highest care for what our beloved little ones like more, joining, already during design stages, the ludic-education with safety and durability features. Our structures must, actually, adapt to any weather condition and guarantee, in any circumstance, ease of use and reliability.
Our commitment in ensuring high quality, efficiency and service levels, was validated by the achievement of several voluntary certifications. The first one, achieved in 1997, was ISO 9001 (EA23e field) which defines the requirements for ensuring a quality assurance during production and the supply of the services to our customers. The decision to undertake this certification process allowed our company to reduce its costs, increase the market share and to seek, using new and more effective tools, our customers' satisfaction so that they feel the importance to be, for us, at first place. Said certification was extended to installation and maintenance fields (EA28a) in 2011.
Environmental protection was, right from the start of our company's operations, one of the guidelines directing our actions. 
This led us, in 2003, to the certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001 which provides a review of each company process and of the impacts which they may have on the surrounding environment. Our policy is to use, as long as possible, environmentally friendly raw materials, committing ourselves to environmental protection, to prevent pollution and seeking to the widest extent possible to sustainable energy saving. 
Our intent to give more emphasis to environmental issues, led us to an increasing procurement of wood coming from Northern European forests managed in a environmentally friendly way and to the achievement, in 2005, of two further product certifications for wood supply chain: FSC® and PEFC.
FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council ®) certification validates the origin of the lumber employed for crafting our products. It is an International certification scheme guaranteeing that the lumber employed in crafting our products originates from forests wherein strict environmental, social and economic standards are complied with. 
PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certification, granted during the same year, is similar and guarantees an environmentally appropriate management of the forests the wood originates from, but it also aims that economic and social benefits are achieved PEFC is proposed as an alternative to the above mentioned certification scheme, and is intended, mainly, for small forest properties.
Both certifications guarantee the possibility to trace the forest a given lumber lot comes from during each step from forest to final consumer (custody chain).
The intent to seek better and better results and to offer to our customers higher and higher standards, led us to follow the route of National and International certifications. 
In September 2010 we obtained the CE Marking for raw lumber pursuant to UNI EN 14081-1 rules. Said certification validates the compliance of "structural use" classified material with essential requirements for marketing and use within European Union, namely with regards to safety, public health, consumer protection, etc. 
We do, furthermore, hold the Notice for Processing Activities of structural elements made of solid and laminated wood pursuant to Ministry Decree 14th January 2018. 
Our sense of responsibility led us to spend special care also to safety within workplaces and labour health. During 2010 we therefore decided to implement our system according to OHSAS 18001 certification which protects our company and the staff from dangers, potential as well, which can be found on workplaces and is an effective tool for achieving higher and higher quality standard with regards to said issues.
Other certifications gained by our company are the SOA certificate for qualification to public works (OS24 category), the first issue thereof dates back to 2006 and the GS marking (which, in German, stands for geprüfte Sicherheit – proven safety) granted by Tüv, a certification agency, to products complying with European Rules on safety of equipment. Said safety, durability and reliability standards are defined by UNI EN 1176-2018 rule and are validated through severe tests. The last certification achieved pursuant to UNI EN 11306:2009 rules, validating durability and resistance, was granted in 2012 to two among several outdoor benches offered in our product range.
Being playgrounds and play structures for children, our products shall, above all, be safe in each single detail. Each element, even if it is small and appears to have little importance, included in one of our structures, shall actually meet the strict UNI EN 1176 and 1177 rules. The Tüv-Product Service certifying agency, grants, after severe testing, the GS marking. Displaying this marking testifies the absolute reliability of each single component to the play structure or urban design element and guarantees to customers and users a product returning the maximum safety possible.
Our company is committed, right from its origin, to perform its activities respecting environment. The certifications on environmental management awarded to us implied that high standards must be achieved and we do actually seek and try to improve them, day after day, using new and more effective technologies. 
Production processes include different stages which start already from the selection of raw materials in order to produce play equipment using materials which are in most part recyclable. We use Robinia wood, a 0 Km pseudo-acacia coming from Trentino's forests, and pine from Northern Sweden forests, where strict reforestation policies are followed, this lumber is then treated in autoclave without employing any heavy metal. Our Company pioneered use in Italy of autoclave impregnation treatments that is the process allowing to achieve a high level of resistance of lumber from attacks of agents such as fungi, moulds and rot, make it ideally suited for outdoor use. Said treatment, further than being environmentally sustainable because it does not employ any toxic agent, complies with UNI EN 351-1:2018 rules. 
Wood, aluminium and polyethylene, further than being recyclable, allows us with an extreme freedom in designing play equipment and structures for playgrounds. In this way, the selection of material, is functional for the kind of play equipment to make and to the place where the structure shall be located, considering both the weather conditions it shall be subject to and the aesthetic setting and the resistance to vandalism. Their production process guarantees in any case a high durability thereof: the wooden product, for example, is subject to autoclave impregnation directly in the Mezzolombardo plant, only after the whole mechanical processing is completed. All already finished wooden elements are impregnated by the highest quality water soluble salts concentrate dosed in a quantity which is almost double than the one provided by EC rules currently in force. This allows us to guarantee the maximum resistance to water, to any attack from micro-organism and environment as well as to any other natural process such as the production of moulds or the action of parasites.  Autoclave treated wood is perfectly suited for parks and gardens in cities and villages, it can be furthermore painted in infinite warm or cold shades which perfectly integrate it with the surrounding nature it is one with.  Our robinia creations, furthermore, are unique and unrivalled elements because hand-crafted.  
Aluminium is a light and difficultly oxidable metal, extremely light and 100% recyclable. Painted using non toxic epoxy dusts, it is not subject to corrosion and returns a high resistance to vandalism. 
Holzhof has been using polyethylene since years. Its capabilities of being processed and the excellent features of this material, among which the ductility in being moulded into irregular shapes, make it fit for producing slides, climbing footrests, roofs, parapets, ladders, spring-based play equipment and complementary furniture. Furthermore, polyethylene does not fade because subject to a deep colouration treatment and stands temperatures ranging from -85°C to +90°C, it has a high degree of resistance to UV rays - it is therefore perfect for geographical areas wherein high temperatures are reached - and is 100% recyclable Components produced using this material stand wear and abrasion, shocks, they stand out or their low friction coefficient and minimal water absorption, as well as its excellent anti-adhesion properties. Their very low specific weight, allows significant savings during transport and assembly.
HPL decorative laminates included in Holzhof equipment essentially consist of paper and thermosetting synthetic resins subject to polymerization processes leading to a stable and non reactive material. Holzhof uses this material namely because account of its high resistance to scratching and atmospheric agents and its ease of cleaning, as well as for the wide range of colour schemes available on the market. 
Our anti-shock flooring is made, on the other hand,  of colourful rubber granulate (natural rubber), available in several shapes and colours, all designed to offer maximum protection for different fall heights. It is a thermal insulating material and does not break.
Other components employed by Holzhof products are nets and ropes made of steel plastic coated lines whose diameter is 16 mm, enclosing from 4 to 6 steel strands, and springs whose quality is guaranteed by Eibach, the International leading company in the production of said items. 
Our products are the result of  40 years' expertise in the industry of maximum commitment in design stages, care for environment, competence in the selection of materials - which are all of excellent quality - skill in processing them and the highest professionalism in production, both industrial and traditional craft, of the finished product The objective is the achievement of maximum quality which is the sum of several and different skills in each stage of production chain, in order to achieve higher and higher duration and the retention of the original features. Whoever trusts Holzhof is sure to be able to rely on the design of equipment meeting different requirements for each customer and the careful production in each single detail. Any play equipment produced by us, once completed, leave the plant complete with simple and clear assembly instructions, which simplify as much as possible any installation and assembly stage, which are key factors for guaranteeing the quality features of the product.  In the case which you are not sure to perform professionally the assembly tasks, Holzhof has at its disposal a specialized staff with years of experience and a fleet of vehicles and specific tools for performing a spotless assembly in playgrounds. Following installation or on existing play equipment, upon request of the customer, an inspection by the professionally qualified Holzhof staff/agents, which shall check the compliance with current legislation and with the requirements for certification. In the case which non compliances are found, our staff is able to provide any information required on the actions to be taken for returning to compliance and to perform, upon request of the customer, any required change. Holzhof is furthermore able to take care of maintenance and replacement of any worn component which shall be available up to 15 years from purchase. The quality guaranteed by Holzhof is therefore maximum, it does not leave back any detail from custom design of the equipment right to after sales assistance. 
Our success is based on quality which, during these decades, was progressively improved thanks to research and innovation of products and production processes. New technologies, both in material research stages bot in production and in assembly techniques allowed us to continuously improve our products and offers to customers, anticipating the needs of our young users. During these years requests and legal requirements became ever more specific and numerous and our commitment to seek quality led us to comply in the best way possible a number of obligations set by the market. Our constant investments allow us to offer today products having the best quality-price ration and to be a benchmark in our industry.
Holzhof's trademark means, today, quality, efficiency, accuracy and reliability. The old customer trusts the brand because he knows its features, new customers approaches the brand because inspired by the reputation for skill and the prestige it has on the reference market. All the products are sent out of the factory, following severe tests, bearing the Holzhof logo which shows a small stylized orange flower guaranteeing its proven quality, its environmentally friendly production processes and the safety and durability guaranteed over time. 
One of the services proposed to the market by Holzhof over the last years and successfully supplied, thanks to the installation performed using our specialized staff and employing specific state of the art equipment, is the Playlastic® cast flooring. UNI EN 1177-2018 compliant, this floor is installed in a single casting allowing the creation of a continuous, seamless flat surface, extending in each angle of the concerned surface without any interruption. This continuity allows the maximum ease of use for any pram or wheelchair, it has anti-slip properties even when wet, it can be cast on tarmac or concrete surfaces, even if they have a light gradient. 
The company growth process which characterised Holzhof right from its origins (40 years ago) allowed the company, during the last decade, to open to foreign markets. Holzhof gradually increased its customers up to the point which it is present in almost any European country and in some extra-EU countries, among which a few in Middle East and North Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland. Furthermore, Holzhof takes part regularly in key International Fairs in its industry, where it presents its globally competitive products. The development of International markets were possible thanks to progressive investments by the company and to the support of a dedicated commercial office, able to maintain relationships and communicate in four languages.
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