Holzhof has a new vehicle park: trucks of various carrying capacities equipped with cranes, enabling us to optimise delivery and installation times for our products, giving our in-house assembly teams greater autonomy and flexibility, while at the same time ensuring the professionalism, at each stage of preparation, of the people who possess years of experience with the products and who know how to respect them. 
All of our products are supplied with simple, clear assembly instructions containing images and notes to simplify as far as possible the installation and assembly stages, even for those who have plenty of practice in such matters. 
If the customer so requires, Holzhof also has a “turnkey” service with bespoke solutions that include installation and assembly by our specialists, who can offer many years of experience in performing such operations throughout almost the whole of Italy. If you are interested in this service, please request a specific offer from one of our sales managers or from the agent with responsibility for your area.

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