Play can't wait

There are some things in life, we needn’t do immediately, but play isn’t one of these. First of all because it’s essential for the development of our kids physical and mental capacities of which they will draw on for the rest of their lives. Beyond that, who is able to resist the call of a fancy play tower like our Megan XIME500? The play tower you see on the photos has just been installed in Andorra, Spain, where it now motivates children of different ages to test their limits in terms of bravery and dizziness. Inside the tower, a spiral stairway made of anti-slip aluminium leads us to the various platforms from which rotationally moulded tube slides of colourful polyethylene depart. By dint of these slides, the little ones are able to enjoy the thrill of speed and simultaneously evolve better the sense of balance.

The products of our Megan series are always the right choice for clients who want to create something big with relatively few surface at hand. Those play towers rise up to the sky and make all children float on cloud nine.

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