Recycled playgrounds can also be pretty!

Since we are investing  a lot of efforts in terms of a sustainable environment, we decided to produce playgrounds consisting of 100% recycled polyethylene. We are paying particularly attention to the unique and appealing design of the playgrounds. We are able to achieve this premise through our capacity of producing the single materials (as for instance roofs, ramps, railing parts and slides) in 100% recycled polyethylene by ourselves. Furthermore our recycled playgrounds are characterized by their bright and brilliant colors. 
The posts, consisting of 90% recycled plastic and 10% recycled cellulose with PVC jacketing in wood decor, suit perfectly well for our playing structures. 
Thanks to these components we are able to produce most of our playgrounds also in recycled materials. Lots of these playgrounds have been fervently welcomed by several municipalities.  

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