Playground inspector certified according to the norm DIN SPEC 79161


The German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and more precisely the commission that is responsible for the sport equipment, on request of the association of the producers of playground structures (BSFH), has defined unitary requirements with regard to the competences of the inspectors of playgrounds. The authorized institution has stabilized also a catalogue of questions which inspectors have to bear in mind when conducting the annual inspection of playgrounds and when attesting a new playground after the installation.

In accordance of the regulations of the norm, the educational institutions FLL and BSFH are able to offer an in-depth preparation to the playground inspectors with a final exam in order to test the knowledge. 

Due to the importance of this norm, we are proud of the fact that one of our holders, Mr. Gottfried Malleier, had passed the exam in 2013 in Germany and from then on he can consider himself “playground inspector certified according to the norm DIN SPEC 79161”. 




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